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Read about the latest news in the realm of Visual arts, performing arts, literature, media, film, design, and intersections with UC Berkeley Arts + Design across the world.

Talk to Deanna van Buren about her architectural aspirations, and the discussion routinely shifts back and forth between grand visions and the nitty-gritty of getting things done.

2019 Creative Discovery Grant Recipients

Discovery Experiences represent the most transformative forms of scholarly and experiential learning and powerfully express what it means to receive an education at a major public research university in the 21st century.

As a boy in Columbus, Ohio, Stephen Hinshaw didn’t understand why his father, Virgil Hinshaw Jr., an eminent philosophy professor whose mentors included Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, kept disappearing.

When I told filmmaker, director, and producer, Joslyn Rose Lyons that I was calling from Gary, Indiana, she immediately mentioned acting in a play about Gary as a child. I knew she was talking about the classic production, The Music Man and the song, Gary, Indiana.Both Gary and Oakland breed hometown talents.

A guide to library-hopping for dead week

Finding your favorite study space can be a challenge, especially during finals season when everyone else is doing the same. Studying at home and inviting friends over may be comfortable and convenient, but the environment can get distracting more often than not.

During the month of December the UC Berkeley community and the public have the opportunity to experience what is being "Made at Berkeley." More than 28 Arts + Design departments, classes, and centers are presenting their work at pop-up exhibitions, week long gallery exhibitions, design showcases and open houses.

For some people, art and blindness are often thought of as incompatible. But blindness itself can be “a variety of visual experience,” UC Berkeley lecturer Georgina Kleege remarks in an interview with The Daily Californian. Even sighted people have various levels of visual ability, with congenital blindness at one end of the spectrum.

From her New York City hospital bed, Candy Darling summoned photographer Peter Hujar, who stood out for his portraits of the Warhol crowd lying down.

Calling all actors, designers, playwrights and directors of all levels for the chance to prototype a new experimental performance with internationally renowned director, playwright, and Cal alum, Stan Lai ("The best Chinese language playwright and director in the world" - BBC), and earn units (not to mention it’s a great resume builder

The city of Berkeley is recognized for its openness to new developments. This is why the town was selected to host Our Music Festival, the pioneering music event driven by a digital currency.