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Discovery Experiences represent the most transformative forms of scholarly and experiential learning and powerfully express what it means to receive an education at a major public research university in the 21st century. As our campus develops the Discovery platform, the Office of Berkeley Arts + Design has received funds that allow us to support undergraduate courses within the “creative” dimension of engaged, cross-disciplinary learning.

CALL for Spring 2019 Creative Discovery Grants

Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis to faculty to develop new courses or enhance existing undergraduate courses with innovative creative pedagogy and opportunities for reflective making and producing—in visual art, design, film, media, performing arts, and more. Aligned with the core values of Berkeley Discovery, Creative Discovery experiences will ideally require students to face challenges of conceptualization, design, planning, and implementation; build new, and hone existing, creative skills; and participate in structured reflection throughout the act of creation.  


Creative Discovery takes shape in many forms. We welcome proposals that CONNECT students to our many creative departments, museums, artistic venues and advising resources; integrate learning with artistic exposure through the Arts Passport, Flex Pass, Maker Pass, Film Passes, and many on-campus and off-campus museums, theaters, making spaces, and creative clubs. We support courses that allow students to DISCOVER across disciplines and skill-sets, activating engagement across two or more creative forms; increasing enrollment when possible in creative courses to non-majors; mobilizing the Adobe Creative Suite, Portfolium, AR/VR, or other technological tools to enhance and scale creative pedagogy; connecting technically-focused courses with deeper cultural, historical, and philosophical themes; and/or joining creative experimentation to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine (S.T.E.M./M.) disciplines and other research themes of our public university (e.g. the future of Democracy, Social Justice, Racial and Gender Equity, Climate, Health, Sustainable Cities, and more.) We encourage proposals that let students ENGAGE creatively with local schools, community organizations, regional arts partners, or inspiring artists, designers, and cultural leaders, providing rigor and enhancement to curricular, DeCal, and co-curricular experiences in arts-based public service, cultural internships, community design projects, arts education, cultural criticism, curation, and urban arts engagement in the region. We want proposals that ask students to REFLECT meaningfully and inventively through critical writing, curated exhibition, artist statements, showcases, portfolios, and public programming.  


While we welcome proposals that advance one or more of the above learning goals, priority will be given to projects that innovate pedagogically, are feasibly conceived, and that suggest scalable models for long-term adoption within the Creative stream of the campus’s evolving Discovery Platform. In addition to funds of up to $5,000, faculty and students selected for a Creative Discovery grant will be featured in stories shared on campus news sites and on A+D communication platforms to inspire future iterations of Creative Discovery at UC Berkeley.


To Apply

Submit applications for Spring 2019 by Monday, November 19, 5:00pm, by completing this Google form. Applications include 1) a paragraph describing course enhancements, pedagogical innovation, and the Creative Discovery goals you seek to advance with enrichment funding; 2) a basic budget and request for funds; and, 3) a draft syllabus. Knowing that this opportunity is late in faculty course planning—but desiring to offer resources where they are useful—our review committee will make every effort to provide a decision and promised allocation by Wednesday, December 12. 


Fall 2018 Grant Recipients

Big Ideas Course
L&S 25 Thinking Through Art and Design @ Berkeley: Creativity, Migration, Transformation

Alex Saragoza
Department: Ethnic Studies


List of fall 2018 Creative Discovery Courses Awarded:

158B: Situated Instrument Design for Musical Expression
Edmund Campion
Department: Music


Environmental Design 4a: Design Activism
Greg Castillo
Department: College of Environmental Design


Nicholas de Monchaux
Department: Architecture


DES INV 22 Prototyping & Fabrication
Amy Dinh, Eric Paulos, and Emily Rice
Department: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation


HA37 Contemporary Art + Architecture from Asia, ca. 1945-present
Atreyee Gupta
Department: History of Art


ART 199 / 002
Farley Gwazda and Allan deSouza
Department: Art Practice


Music 152A
Matthew Hough
Department: Music


121 Performance and Culture: Theaters of Apocalypse
Angela Marino
Department: Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies


Art 23 AC: Data Arts
Greg Niemeyer
Department: Art Practice


Art 178: Game Design Methods
Greg Niemeyer
Department: Art Practice


NATAMST/AMSTUD 152: Native American Literature
Beth Piatote
Department: Ethnic Studies


ESPM 50AC: Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management
Kurt Spreyer
Department: Environmental Science, Policy, and Management


Comparative Literature 190
Sophie Volpp
Department: Comparative Literature


Rhetoric 123: Rhetoric of Performance
Winnie Wong
Department: Rhetoric