As a reporter with the Los Angeles Times, Garrett Therolf discovered that Los Angeles County’s system to protect abused children was failing: Case workers did not remove children from homes with histories of violence, and children were dying at the hands of their own parents every single year.

2020 Creative Discovery Grant Recipients

Discovery Experiences represent the most transformative forms of scholarly and experiential learning and powerfully express what it means to receive an education at a major public research university in the 21st century.

Spring 2020 Schedule: Arts + Design Thursdays

*Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions, all remaining events will be moved online. Please check back for more details regarding individual events.*

Spring 2020 Schedule
Arts + Design Thursdays: Public Art and Belonging

Spring 2020 Schedule: Arts + Design Mondays

*Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions, the remainder of our Mondays lectures have been postponed, with the exception of Neural Abstractions on April 13. We invite community members to follow along with our HUM 20 students as they revisit relevant lectures each week from years prior.*

Growing up the daughter of a prominent Hollywood cinematographer, Clara Mokri remembers being on movie sets with her father and seeing the power a camera could wield in telling stories. Her father chose to work on blockbuster film series like Fast & Furious and Transformers. Mokri, though, wanted to forge her own path.

Creative Discovery Grants 2018-2019

For the second semester in a row, Berkeley Arts + Design awarded Creative Discovery Grants to Berkeley faculty seeking to develop new undergraduate courses or to enhance existing ones through creative, engaged, participatory learning techniques.

The Black Aesthetic channels revolutionary history

“The Black Arts Movement [of the 1960s] understood itself as an extension of the black liberation struggle,” says Malika Imhotep. “[Writer] Toni Cade Bambara said the duty of the writer is to make revolution irresistible — I see myself a part of a creativity that was always intentioned for the public good.”

New app the ticket to local arts

As a chemistry major also studying art, Luna Izpisua Rodriguez ’16, M.Eng. ’18, sensed that something was missing. Despite being surrounded by a wealth of Bay Area arts organizations and events, she and her friends weren’t taking advantage of them.

Multifaceted maker

How do objects reflect cultural moments — and why do we value what we value? These are among the questions that Stephanie Syjuco, assistant professor in art practice, explores in her conceptual art.

A perennial quest, a deeper engagement with Stan Lai

In AGO, the newest play by Stan Lai Ph.D. ’83, a group of survivors seek a mythical Pure Land. Inspired by both ancient Buddhist scriptures and by modern life — and moving between the Tibetan plateau and New York — the story explores humankind’s perennial quest for transcendence, as well as its predisposition to folly.