So far, 2019 has been quite a ride for the Bay Area indie funk band More Fatter. After playing countless shows across San Francisco, releasing single after single and putting together their first headlining tour, the young musicians are more than ready for the hard work to pay off.

Creative Discovery Grants 2018-2019

For the second semester in a row, Berkeley Arts + Design awarded Creative Discovery Grants to Berkeley faculty seeking to develop new undergraduate courses or to enhance existing ones through creative, engaged, participatory learning techniques.

Women make noise in Chile’s music scene

For Christina Azahar, a Ph.D. student in ethnomusicology, music festivals are more than a good time. She recently returned to Berkeley after a year as a Fulbright Fellow in Chile, conducting research for her dissertation on the intersection of feminism and popular music in Chile.

Off the street and into the classroom

For John Hildenbrand ’19, discovering that he could enroll in college without having an address was a revelation. Homeless for several years after losing his job, he enrolled in community college in his mid-40s.

Painting outside the lines: Cal’s creative culture

It’s 5:30 on a Monday night, and 10 graduate students and postdocs in bioengineering are crawling around on the basement floor of Stanley Hall. The activity has nothing to do with cellular behavior or biomedical instruments, two priorities of their lab.

A perennial quest, a deeper engagement with Stan Lai

In AGO, the newest play by Stan Lai Ph.D. ’83, a group of survivors seek a mythical Pure Land. Inspired by both ancient Buddhist scriptures and by modern life — and moving between the Tibetan plateau and New York — the story explores humankind’s perennial quest for transcendence, as well as its predisposition to folly.

Ana Gonzalez-Pulido grew up with mariachi. The distinctive music burst from the radio in her family’s Central Valley home, and her immigrant parents told her stories of the serenading, all-male bands in Mexico’s plazas — their songs, stance and traje de charro, or cowboy attire, exuding machismo.

“This is the first semester that I really feel like an actor. And like a person within theater. I feel like I was a person who was all talk and no action for a lot of my life when it came to theater, acting, performing. I called myself an actor, I called myself a writer, but I didn’t apply it to my life.

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