After taking a class that introduced her to a wide range of art and design forms represented at Berkeley and beyond, interdisciplinary studies student Michelle Williams ’22 began cataloging the legacy of her own family’s art collection. “My mother was a prolific fine artist.… The slides alone are in the thousands!” says Williams. “What has moved

A team of UC Berkeley students and virtual reality specialists in the College of Environmental Design (CED) have found a way to visit Bauer Wurster Hall, the college’s iconic hulking concrete home building, without stepping foot on campus.


Spring 2021 Schedule: Arts + Design Thursdays

Spring 2021 Schedule
Arts+Design Thursdays: Time-Based Media Art


Spring 2021 Schedule
Arts + Design Mondays: Together: Reinventing Politics, Reimagining Health

NIA IMARA ISN’T CONTENT TO JUST LOOK AT THE STARS, so she’s printing a 3-D replica of one she can hold in her hands. “We can’t actually touch these things,” says the astrophysicist and artist, but it’s about imagining the possibilities. “I’m a big believer in that; we can see things not as the way they are.

On Feb. 22 the Cal J-School presents, “Photographer Dorothea Lange and the Berkeley Connection: 40 Years of Lange Fellowship Winners.”


The College of Environmental Design is pleased to announce the 2021-2022 John K.

Jennifer Bonner, Walter Hood, and Olalekan Jeyifous named 2021 USA Fellows

The Chicago-based nonprofit United States Artists has unveiled its list of 2021 USA Fellows, awarding 60 creatives from across the country $50,000 in no-restriction grant

It was an image that quickly captured the imagination: an austere black barrier seeking to prevent migrants from entering the US over its southern border suddenly transformed into a place of joy and connection, a hot pink beam slid between the slats to create a temporary seesaw for children in both countries to play on together.


A UC Berkeley campus building will be stripped of its name because of the legacy of its namesake, an anthropologist whose work included the “immoral and unethical” collection of Native American remains, the university announced Tuesday.