At Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Masako Miki’s MATRIX 273 fills the pristine white exhibition room with vibrant splashes of color and funky forms. Born in Osaka, Japan, Miki is currently a Bay Area artist whose sculptures, installations and murals have created an intriguing playground of art.

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The Berkeley Art Museum will forgive you if you have never heard of Dimensionism.

Even the curator of the museum’s new exhibit explains that she first came across mention of the “Dimensionist Manifesto” in 2010, in a book about science and geometry in modern art.

2019 Creative Discovery Grant Recipients

Discovery Experiences represent the most transformative forms of scholarly and experiential learning and powerfully express what it means to receive an education at a major public research university in the 21st century.

During the month of December the UC Berkeley community and the public have the opportunity to experience what is being "Made at Berkeley." More than 28 Arts + Design departments, classes, and centers are presenting their work at pop-up exhibitions, week long gallery exhibitions, design showcases and open houses.

From her New York City hospital bed, Candy Darling summoned photographer Peter Hujar, who stood out for his portraits of the Warhol crowd lying down.

Watch: Stephanie Syjuco on art, culture and politics

What’s behind Stephanie Syjuco’s “Counterfeit Crochet Project,” in which she invites people around the world to hand-make the designer handbags they covet but can’t afford?

Berkeley Arts + Design is creating a video of campus that seeks to highlight the rich creative culture that one experiences simply by walking across campus! We need student clubs that highlight visual arts, performing arts, literature, media/film, and design.

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For many college students, viewing visual art doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting or compelling way to spend their free time. Museums can be pricey, art galleries can be overwhelmingly hoity-toity, and where does one go to see art in Berkeley besides the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, anyway?