While most of the A+D site is devoted to departments, centers, venues, and clubs for whom creativity is a core to their mission, here you will find the arts and design in unexpected places throughout our campus.  Whether catalyzing scientific experiment (on the brain, genome, or data science), whether mobilizing colleagues in business or policy, whether advancing the political and cultural goals of diversity, multi-culturalism, disability rights, gender equity, or other social causes, creativity is the glue amongst disciplines and between our campus and our community.


ACES Artist In Residence (AIR)

Every year, the ACES program appoints an Artist-in-Residence for ACES to work with Berkeley faculty, fellows, community partners, and students, in the integration of new media supporting the courses and collaborative relationships that constitute the engaged scholarship program of the AC Center.  An AIR is integral in the development of a creating dialogues with campus partners, local artists and community leaders.

Art Gallery at the Multicultural Center

The MCC hosts 2 - 3 art exhibitions per semester showcasing the work of students and local community artists. Each exhibit's theme is crafted with the intention of giving space to artists to voice their stories and create visual narratives to share with the community. 

The MCC is located in Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union on Bancroft Way.

Art + Science Residency Program

The Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (CSTMS), in partnership with the Arts Research Center (ARC), hosts an artist-in-residence program that will focus on nurturing exchanges between art, design, technology, science, and engineering at UC Berkeley, in the Bay Area, and across the region.

Haas School of Business Arts Club

Haas Arts Club serves as a forum for showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity at Haas. Our goal is to increase artistic literacy in music, visual, and performing arts through education, network-building, and experiential learning within the Berkeley Haas community and beyond. Literacy in the arts opens people to deeper levels of expression, story telling and cross-cultural connection, fostering multidimensional development for future leaders.

HIFIS seeking Artist in Residence for 2018-19

The Artist in Residence is a new position created to further our work in Othering and Belonging and integrate with the Institute's focus on arts and culture as a primary way to advance our collective vision of inclusion and belonging. The first Artist in Residence will be selected by a diverse group of public artists, advocates, and partners from the Haas Institute and its network. The work of the selected Artist in Residence should seek to advance and expand our concept of belonging at the nexus of being human and the systems and structures that operationalize structural inclusion. 

Latinx Research Center

The Latinx Research Center is a faculty-led research center offering research-centered support and collaboration to all campus researchers and is committed to building bridges and partnerships with other local research centers. The “x” in our name marks the non-binary of sexual and gender diversity and development, as well as the unknown which is yet to be mapped about the understudied and rapidly growing and transforming Latinx transnational communities.