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AVCAD Field Notes

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  • Arts and Place at the University of California

    Shannon Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor

    How do the arts contribute to our sense of place?  How does our sense of place evolve as neighbors, as city inhabitants, and as citizens in a fast-changing world?  Versions of these questions have been on the minds of many of us who care both about the arts and about the future of our public sphere.

  • A Triumphant 2018-2019

    Shannon Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor

    Another triumphant year.  Another year of hard work and visionary commitment to advancing Creativity for the Greater Good.

  • On the Opportunities and Limits of ‘Creative’ Integration

    Shannon Jackson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Berkeley Arts + Design

    Those of us who teach the arts at research universities encounter a range of paradoxes, opportunities, and anxieties.

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