Christina Yang spent her formative years studying art and art history at UC Berkeley during times of strife when politics tried to censor expression. She brings that experience, and mountains of museum and gallery practice, to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive as the institution’s new chief curator.


Last week’s decision by the UC Board of Regents to move ahead with a plan for People’s Park that will include student housing, supportive housing and public open space that commemorates the park’s history marked the latest development in the decades-long history of the park.


Berkeley Forum announces fall 2021 lineup of diverse speakers, panels

The Berkeley Forum announced its fall 2021 lineup of 12 events featuring panels and speakers from a variety of different fields and disciplines.

Mark di Suvero’s ‘History and Its Shadow’ Exhibition Takes On SLOMA

Few artists of any era can rival Mark di Suvero when it comes to the inventive use of different tools and materials.

Look at the style of an office in any given era and you’ll get a glimpse of the defining themes in white-collar workers’ lives at the time.


Deep below Morrison Hall, quadraphonic artist Suzanne Ciani sat in a soundproof recording studio reciting strings of non sequiturs with varying intonations to train a deepfake program.

Black hole at center of swirling new women-in-science mural

Astrophysicist Chung-Pei Ma at the University of California, Berkeley, has studied black holes for decades and has dreamed of cruising by one in a spaceship to check out how black they really are.

Much of the Bay Area’s history exists out of sight. Or at least out of notice.  

Three months ago, Nyan Cat, a popular meme and YouTube video of a cat with a pop-tart body trailing a rainbow, was turned into a digital NFT token and sold by the SF-based digital gallery Foundation for $590,000, fetching a windfall for the creator who had yet to realize any economic benefit from his popular work created in 2011.

UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design (CED) today (June 10) announced a transformative $5.3 million gift, from Berkeley alumnus Jon Stryker, that will fund a four-year fellowship program aimed at providing debt relief to more than 100 graduate students.