The University of California, Berkeley, is launching an innovative advanced degree in design for emerging technologies. The new Master of Design (MDes) program is a three-semester degree offered jointly by the College of Engineering and the College of Environmental Design.

Creative Discovery Grants 2018-2019

For the second semester in a row, Berkeley Arts + Design awarded Creative Discovery Grants to Berkeley faculty seeking to develop new undergraduate courses or to enhance existing ones through creative, engaged, participatory learning techniques.

Multifaceted maker

How do objects reflect cultural moments — and why do we value what we value? These are among the questions that Stephanie Syjuco, assistant professor in art practice, explores in her conceptual art.

Painting outside the lines: Cal’s creative culture

It’s 5:30 on a Monday night, and 10 graduate students and postdocs in bioengineering are crawling around on the basement floor of Stanley Hall. The activity has nothing to do with cellular behavior or biomedical instruments, two priorities of their lab.

Making Sense of New Media

With 25 faculty from 23 departments, the Berkeley Center for New Media (BCNM) is an interdisciplinary research, teaching, and public events program that studies new media from the perspectives of the humanities, arts, and technology.

A playful approach to climate change

Combine an overwhelming issue like climate change with Instagram-era engagement, and you get the Museum of Tomorrow. The brainchild of Jessica Ho M.D.P. ’19, this traveling pop-up views a potentially depressing topic as a way to prompt positive behavior choices, one selfie at a time.

New app the ticket to local arts

As a chemistry major also studying art, Luna Izpisua Rodriguez ’16, M.Eng. ’18, sensed that something was missing. Despite being surrounded by a wealth of Bay Area arts organizations and events, she and her friends weren’t taking advantage of them.

Shifting realities: AR/VR explodes on campus

While we live in a physical world, our interactions are driven increasingly by digital means: Almost everyone is looking down at their phones or other devices. Augmented and virtual realities (AR/VR) challenge our relationship with technology by breaking the barriers between the physical and virtual realms.

Aligned Identities

Cal grad finds harmony at the nexus of art and science.

Alvaro Azcarraga ’18 discovered two passions in high school. “I found myself drawing in science class and doing science homework in art class,” he recalls.

A perennial quest, a deeper engagement with Stan Lai

In AGO, the newest play by Stan Lai Ph.D. ’83, a group of survivors seek a mythical Pure Land. Inspired by both ancient Buddhist scriptures and by modern life — and moving between the Tibetan plateau and New York — the story explores humankind’s perennial quest for transcendence, as well as its predisposition to folly.