Discover UC Berkeley's creative innovations as we join the arts, design, and culture with the sciences, technology, engineering, and medicine. We'll explore the role of creativity in communicating and catalyzing discoveries in artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR); neuroscience (the brain), the human genome, data science, and so much more.

Deep below Morrison Hall, quadraphonic artist Suzanne Ciani sat in a soundproof recording studio reciting strings of non sequiturs with varying intonations to train a deepfake program.

Black hole at center of swirling new women-in-science mural

Astrophysicist Chung-Pei Ma at the University of California, Berkeley, has studied black holes for decades and has dreamed of cruising by one in a spaceship to check out how black they really are.

Rbhu, an engineering company created by a UC Berkeley alumnus that specializes in large scale artwork and entertainment sculptures, is launching a new round of grants to donate to artists.

Three months ago, Nyan Cat, a popular meme and YouTube video of a cat with a pop-tart body trailing a rainbow, was turned into a digital NFT token and sold by the SF-based digital gallery Foundation for $590,000, fetching a windfall for the creator who had yet to realize any economic benefit from his popular work created in 2011.

UC Berkeley will auction two nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, relating to Nobel Prize-winning inventions for the funding of future research and innovation.

Top graduating senior a tech whiz and gifted musician

If Leyla Kabuli, a gifted musician and tech whiz, sets the bar for winning UC Berkeley’s highest honor for a graduating senior, future contenders for the University Medal may find themselves shooting for the moon.

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