Gender + Sexuality

What are the futures of feminism? What are the histories that precede the #MeToo movement? Follow campus conversations on gender, sexuality, and power; and join mobililization efforts to defend reproductive rights and confront gender inequality and sexual violence, in our classrooms and in our streets. 

When Yuriria Avila, who graduated from Berkeley Journalism in May 2021, saw Carmen Monoxide perform last year in Love for the Arts, a competition created by one of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars winners, Avila couldn’t believe she hadn’t heard of the drag performer until then.

All they wanted was to read books by women.

They didn’t plan for revolution, but that is what it took.

Growing up in Norfolk, Nebraska, there weren’t a lot of people of color. Often the main interactions people had with communities of color were through stereotypes they saw in media and entertainment.

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Spring 2021 Schedule Archive: Arts + Design Thursdays

Spring 2021 Schedule
Arts+Design Thursdays: Time-Based Media Art

Spring 2021 Schedule
Arts + Design Mondays: Together: Reinventing Politics, Reimagining Health

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The concrete Brutalist architecture-style building on UC Berkeley’s east end is known to the campus community as Wurster Hall, named after husband and wife William Wurster and Catherine Bauer Wurster, Berkeley professors who together in the 1950s helped to create Berkeley’s College of Environme

Fall 2020 Schedule
Arts + Design Thursdays: Visual Cultures: Aesthetics of the Digital