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The UC Berkeley Department of Music has been ranked among the top music departments in the United States for several decades by successfully integrating a wide-ranging curriculum which complemented by an array of performance courses and opportunities.


The Department of Rhetoric is a leading center for interdisciplinary research and teaching in the humanities and social sciences, committed to the study of rhetorical traditions from the classical to the contemporary eras.

School of Information

The School of Information is both UC Berkeley’s newest and its smallest school. Located in the center of campus, the I School is a graduate research and education community committed to expanding access to information and to improving its usability, reliability, and credibility while preserving security and privacy. This requires the insights of scholars from diverse fields — information and computer science, design, social sciences, management, law, and policy.

School of Journalism

The Graduate School of Journalism teaches the skills required to produce stories in the public interest, through photojournalism, documentary film, audio storytelling and multimedia. Alums have won virtually every major industry award and steer the country's top news organizations.

Slavic Languages and Literatures

The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures studies and teaches the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Russian and other Slavic peoples and their immediate neighbors in East and Central Europe (Hungary and Romania) as well as the Caucasus and Central Asia (hence the terms “Eurasia” and “Eurasian”).

South and Southeast Asian Studies

The Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies offers training in 14 languages, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the histories, religions, cultures and textual traditions of a third of the world’s population. Their faculty specializes in all periods from the classical to the modern, in the fields of literature, history, and religious studies, and conducts research in India, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers an abundance of opportunities to learn and achieve mastery of the languages and cultures we study, which include Catalan, Nahuatl, Portuguese, Romance Studies and Spanish.

Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies

The Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies teaches performance as a mode of critical inquiry, creative expression and public engagement. Through performance training and research, we create liberal arts graduates with expanded analytical, technical and imaginative capacities. As a public institution, we make diversity and inclusion a key part of our teaching, art making and public programming.