While most of the A+D site is devoted to departments, centers, venues, and clubs for whom creativity is a core to their mission, here you will find the arts and design in unexpected places throughout our campus.  Whether catalyzing scientific experiment (on the brain, genome, or data science), whether mobilizing colleagues in business or policy, whether advancing the political and cultural goals of diversity, multi-culturalism, disability rights, gender equity, or other social causes, creativity is the glue amongst disciplines and between our campus and our community.

Art + Science Residency Program

The Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (CSTMS), in partnership with the Arts Research Center (ARC), hosts an artist-in-residence program that will focus on nurturing exchanges between art, design, technology, science, and engineering at UC Berkeley, in the Bay Area, and across the region.

Haas School of Business Arts Club

Haas Arts Club serves as a forum for showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity at Haas. Our goal is to increase artistic literacy in music, visual, and performing arts through education, network-building, and experiential learning within the Berkeley Haas community and beyond. Literacy in the arts opens people to deeper levels of expression, story telling and cross-cultural connection, fostering multidimensional development for future leaders.