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Zooming In:Pièces de résistance: Echoes of Judaea Capta From Ancient Coins to Modern Art (Fall 2018)

Fri May 14, 2021 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Magnes Collection
Notions of resistance, alongside fears and realities of oppression, resound throughout Jewish history. As a minority, Jews express their political aspirations, ideals of heroism, and yearnings for retaliation and redemption in their rituals, art, and everyday life. Centering on research by Rebecca Levitan, a graduate student in History of Art, on coins in The Magnes Collection, Pièces de Résistance explored how the Jewish revolts against Hellenism and the Roman occupation of Palestine (Judaea Capta) echo from antiquity into the present, highlighting collection items ranging from ancient coins and their replicas to ritual objects for Purim and Hanukkah. The exhibition also prominently featured art by Marc Chagall, Lazar Krestin, and Arthur Szyk that offer a modern visual representation of Jewish might in the face of persecution.