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The Splendour of the Forest: A cross cultural perspective on botanical art.

Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
UC Botanical Garden
Join us for this special presentation in collaboration with Sarmaya, an arts organization and boundary-free museum based in India, to expand our understanding of botanical art. Speaker Bio: Pavitra Rajaram is Founder and Creative Director of the award-winning interior design firm, Pavitra Rajaram Design. It is a multidisciplinary design practice that straddles the worlds of architecture & interior design, brand strategy and experience and product design. For 25 years, Pavitra Rajaram was the Lead Designer of the luxury retail brand, Good Earth. During the time, she was also a key member of the core team that set up two ancillary brands: Nicobar and Paro. Since 2017, as Brand Custodian at Sarmaya Arts Foundation, Pavitra has driven the experience-led brand strategy, one that focuses on innovative, immersive programming to engage younger audiences in the art, history and culture of India. Pavitra is the recipient of several awards including the INTACH Urban Heritage Award, the EDIDA award for Product Design and is a three time winner of the prestigious AD100, awarded annually to the 100 most influential designers in the Indian subcontinent. Pavitra has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Art History received magna cum laude from Smith College, Massachusetts, USA. She is based in Mumbai and spends her free time indulging in key passions: books, textiles and gardens.