Tag: Student Clubs

Design Engineering Collaborative

DEC aims to create a collaborative maker community by connecting people with diverse skills, equipping them with resources, and educating them through workshops.

Design For America

Design For America teaches human-centered design, collaborating community partners and implements innovative solutions based on insights into human needs, rapid prototyping, and user-testing.

Dil Se

Founded in 2004, Dil Se is Berkeley’s only co-ed South Asian a cappella group, combining the melody-based ragas of Indian music with the Western a cappella tradition. The Group brings together a wide rained of experience, from years of training in Hindustani and Carnatic music, to Western Classical and Jazz Choirs, and even countless mornings of singing in the shower. Our goal is to entertain the audience with a fresh take on music that emanates Dil Se, or “from the heart.”

Dwinelle Hall Breakers

Dwinelle Hall Breakers is a community comprised of dancers of varying hip-hop styles, coming together in the same practice space to share ideas, collaborate, develop character, and to progress in their respective artistic crafts.With nothing more than each other’s company and a stereo, Dwinelle Hall Breakers aims to provide dancers with a welcoming and progressive environment to develop their craft together.

Engineering World Health

We design and build low-cost medical devices, resources, and technologies for underdeveloped or developing nations.

Engineers Without Borders

We work with two communities in Peru to identify and implement technologies that reduce the level of arsenic in ground water to acceptable levels, or identify alternative drinking water sources.

Exposure-Organization of Student Photographers

Exposure-Organization of Student Photographers (EOS) provides photographing opportunities and services across the campus. We offer free workshops of photo taking, post editing, etc. We do so to enhance members' abilities in photography and innovation.

Fashion and Student Trends

The purpose of Fashion and Student Trend is to provide opportunities for students interested in fashion or the fashion industry to learn from other students and experts in the field.  They hold a fashion show at the end of each semester, featuring student designers and student models. They strive to provide students/audiences with the experience of a real fashion show. They also invite experts in the fashion industry to talk about future career development and opportunities. 

Fei Tian Dancers

UC Berkeley’s only Chinese dance performing group, Fei Tian Dancers (FTD), strives to cultivate an on-campus atmosphere that welcomes and appreciates the abundant diversity of the Berkeley community. FTD performs at many functions in Berkeley and around the Bay Area, showcasing the multifarious ethnic dances of China.


GameCraft seeks to expose students to the processes and joy of game design, development, and art. We aim to give students the path and resources to create their own game through all disciplines.