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The UC Berkeley Department of English has a long history of scholarly engagement, intellectual provocation, and literary creativity. They have been consistently ranked the top English program in the country.

Film & Media

The Department of Film & Media teaches students to think analytically about media in the context of humanistic studies. Students and faculty engage with all forms of moving-image culture, including film, photography, television, and digital media.


For its undergraduate majors and minors and its graduate students the Berkeley French Department provides thorough coverage in the traditional, historically based divisions of French literature and culture, as well as in francophone literatures. It blends this coverage with the study of a wide array of related fields and topics – from literary history and theory to philosophy, to social and cultural theory, to historical and contemporary linguistics, to the study of gender and sexuality, historiography, visual arts and film, music, popular culture, and politics.

Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership

The Fung Fellowship is shaping a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders focused on transforming health and wellness. Throughout the two-year fellowship program a diverse cohort of undergraduate students participate in a cross-disciplinary, experience-based curriculum that integrates design thinking and an immersive community experience. Fellows work in teams to develop technology solutions to address the real-world public health challenges facing at-risk populations.


The German Department at Berkeley has a dozen faculty members, several lecturers, and more than thirty graduate students in German literature and Germanic linguistics. They offer a full-fledged lower- and upper-division German language program, and teach courses in German literature on subjects ranging from the Middle Ages to the present. In addition, they study larger issues such as national identity, modernity, historicity, subjectivity, translation, gender, and multiculturalism from a comparative perspective that is informed by contemporary theory and cultural studies.

Haas Innovation Design

Haas Innovation Design supports students in exploring how design thinking skills fit into business, and how business skills fit into the design world. We are a collaborative and diverse student community that encourages creativity, empathy, and weirder ways of looking at the world.

History of Art

The UC Berkeley History of Art Department includes distinguished faculty who work on a wide range of historical periods, geographic regions, and methodologies. The Department offers rigorous and well-regarded undergraduate and graduate programs.


The Department of Italian Studies includes some of the most distinguished scholars and representatives of Italy, its language, literature, history, and culture. The Department is widely acknowledged to be one of the leaders and innovators in our field in North America and internationally. Students can choose to participate in a Major, Minor or PhD program with the department. 

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty in the Design field of Mechanical Engineering work on problems affecting the analysis, synthesis, design, automation, fabrication, testing, evaluation, and optimization of mechanical systems.

Media Studies

The Media Studies major at the University of California at Berkeley is an undergraduate interdisciplinary group major in the Office of Undergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies. Our faculty come from a variety of disciplines, bringing the perspectives and methods of their fields to bear on the analysis of the mass media. Our emphasis in this major is analytical and historical; we are largely concerned with developing in students the ability to assess the roles and impact of the major mass media on American life, rather than with developing specific media production skills.