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Theater - "The Dream of Kitamura"

Fri Apr 20, 2018 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Zellerbach Playhouse
Eerily evocative, non-linear, and movement-driven, THE DREAM OF KITAMURA tells the ghostly, mythic tale of Lord Rosanjin, who believes he is marked for death by the demon Kitamura. His horror is so profound that he hires two bodyguards—but are they who they appear to be? And what of the icy Lady Zuma, and his petulant daughter Otsu? Danger lurks in the House of Rosanjin as great love kills great love. One of America’s leading playwrights, and TDPS Professor, Philip Kan Gotanda directs this early work, more experimental than most of his plays, in collaboration with choreographer Katie Faulkner. The play stems from a haunting image that appeared to Gotanda in a nightmare: “The dream was very potent. I woke up and, out of it, I built a murder mystery—a feverish, dream play.” Performances: FRI April 20: 8pm - Opening SAT April 21: 8pm SUN April 22: 2pm FRI April 27: 8pm SAT April 28: 8pm SUN April 29: 2pm