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The Visible Invisible: Q&A with Stephanie Syjuco

Why is UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Stephanie Syjuco sewing American historical garments — all of them bright green — at her Richmond Field Station art studio while researching Hollywood Civil War movies? She’s preparing an eye-ca

Re-Assembling Our Public: Highlights from the 2017-2018 Academic Year

New leadership and a major anniversary. New staff, new courses, new website, new events… even some new pens! Now that the academic year has come to a close, we at Berkeley Arts + Design would like to take a moment to reflect and to extend our thanks to an incredible community of students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

Spring 2018 Archive: Arts + Design Wednesdays

Arts + Design Wednesdays @ BAMPFA: Experiment and Exploration

In order better to serve our students and public and to gauge audience, we will now ask you to reserve a your seats in advance.

BAMPFA exhibit "Way Bay 2" provides cohesive, indecisive look at Bay Area art

Attempting a complete look at the art of the Bay Area over the past 200 years and before is no small feat. It has to cut across generations, mediums and themes in order to present a cohesive summary of artistic activity from and inspired by the Bay Area.

UC Berkeley’s fans of R&B singer, songwriter and rapper Frank Ocean will get the chance to study the artist’s intricate, symbolic lyrics and musical style in a student-led course this fall.

Spring 2018: Experiment and Exploration

In order better to serve our students and public and to gauge audience, we will now ask you to reserve your seats in advance.

What is the role of public assembly in our current moment? And to what degree are new models necessary to respond artistically and technologically to our political climate?

Five Bay Area poets to help you celebrate pride

The BAMPFA museum-goer encounters one of the most compelling installations of “Way Bay” before even entering the exhibition proper.

Ronald Rael's Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities Wins 3D Pioneers Challenge

The 3D-printed Cabin of Curiosities, an exploratory project led by College of Environmental Design associate professor of architecture 

When Matías Tarnopolsky steps down at the end of this month after nine years as executive and artistic director of Cal Performances in order to take the reins of the Philadelphia Orchestra, he’ll be leaving behind a lot of people who are sad to see him go.