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Small model of the campanile sits atop a table with other design materials.

Summer 2021 Courses in the Arts + Design

Immerse yourself in Berkeley's creative landscape by enrolling in a summer course. Open to everyone ― current UC Berkeley students, other UC students, visitors from other US colleges, international students, newly admitted UC Berkeley transfer students and freshmen, high school students, and the greater community ― Summer Sessions offers more than 600 courses each summer, in a wide variety of disciplines.

See below for a non-comprehensive list of featured courses in the arts and design across campus, and learn more about Berkeley Summer Sessions at


Session A: May 24 - July 2

ART 8: Introduction to Visual Thinking

ART 12: Drawing: Foundations

ART 13: Painting: Foundations

ART 21: Digital Photography: Foundations

ART W23AC: Data Arts

ART 26: Moving Image: Foundations

ART 118: Advanced Drawing: Remixing the Figure

ART 119: Global Perspectives in Contemporary Art

CELTIC R1B: Voices of the Celtic World, From Topographies to Tours: Travel Literature in Celtic Lands

CLASSIC 10A: Introduction to Greek Civilization

CLASSIC N28: The Classic Myths

COLWRIT R4B: Reading, Composition, and Research

COLWRIT 10A: Introduction to Public Speaking, Getting Comfortable with public speaking

COLWRIT 121: Issues in Teaching English Internationally

COMLIT R1A: English Composition in Connection with the Reading of World Literature, Writing about Talking about Reading: Boccaccio’s Decameron and its Descendants

DIGHUM 100: Theory and Method in Digital Humanities

DIGHUM 101: Practicing the Digital Humanities

EALANG R1B: Reading and Composition on topics in East Asian Humanities

ENGLISH R1B: Reading and Composition, Caribbean Poetry In and Out of English

ENGLISH 117S: Shakespeare

ENGLISH 141: Modes of Writing (Exposition, Fiction, Verse, Etc.)

FILM 25: Introduction to Digital Video Production

FILM 135: Experimental and Alternative Media Art

FILM 145: Global Media, Contemporary International Horror

FILM 176: Pitch to Production

GERMAN 1: Elementary German 1

GERMAN R5B: Reading and Composition

HISTART 37: Contemporary Art + Architecture from Asia, ca. 1945-present

HUM 132AC / ENVDES 132AC: Future Histories Studio: Revealing the Past, Imagining the Future, The School to Story Pipeline: Reimagining Us/Education through Speculative Fiction

ISF 100A: Introduction to Social Theory and Cultural Analysis

ITALIAN R5A: Reading and Composition, The "Portrait" of the Artist

MEDIAST 190: Special Topics in Media Studies, The Ad: A Global History

MUSIC 20A: Basic Musicianship

MUSIC 29: Music Now

MUSIC 46: Fundamentals of Guitar Performance

MUSIC 158A: Sound and Music Computing with CNMAT Technologies

PHILOS 2: Individual Morality and Social Justice

PHILOS 6: Man, God, and Society in Western Literature

PHILOS 117AC: The Philosophy of Race, Ethnicity, and Citizenship

RHETOR R1A: The Craft of Writing, The Language of Influence: Can Words Change the World?

RHETOR 150: Rhetoric of Contemporary Politics, American Democracy

SEASIAN 152: Filipino Mythology

SEASIAN 162: Philippine Cuisine Narratives: Sinigang Stories


Session B: June 7 - August 13

ARCH 100C: Architectural Design III

COLWRIT R1A: Accelerated Reading and Composition

COLWRIT W200: Writing for Academic Publication

DESINV 22: Prototyping & Fabrication

DESINV 23: Creative Programming and Electronics

ISF 100E: The Globalization of Rights, Values, and Laws in the 21st Century

MUSIC 45: Beginning Piano Class 1 for Non-Music Majors

MUSIC 139: Topics in Musics of the World

UGIS C151: Leadership: Purpose, Authority, and Empowerment


Session C: June 21 - August 13

ARCH 11A: Introduction to Visual Representation and Drawing

ARCH 11B: Introduction to Design

COLWRIT R4A: Reading and Composition, Texts of the Apocalypse

COMLIT W60AC: Topics in the Literature of American Cultures, Boroughs and Barrios: Moving in and through NYC & Los Angeles

COMLIT 156AC: On line: Fiction and Culture of the Americas, Sounding American: Literature, Music, Technology and Race - Online Course

ENGLISH 80K: Children's Literature

ENGLISH 134: Contemporary Literature, You Are Not an Individual: Contemporary Art and Collectivity

ENGLISH 172: Literature and Psychology

ENVDES 1: Introduction to Environmental Design

HUM 132AC / ENVDES 132AC: Future Histories Studio: Revealing the Past, Imagining the Future, Race, Redevelopment and Gentrification: Oakland's Hoover-Durant Library

HUM 133AC / ENVDES 133AC: Hidden in Plain Sight: Public History in Public Space

MUSIC W26AC: Music in American Cultures

RHETOR 166: Rhetoric in Law and Politics, Between the Street and the Gavel: How Law & Social Movements Change One Another

SCANDIN R5B: Reading and Composition, Romance, Rivalry, and Revenge in the Sagas of the Warrior Poets

SLAVIC 50: Introduction to Russian/East European/Eurasian Cultures

THEATER 118AC: Performance, Television, and Social Media

UGIS 189: Integrating Research Methods into K-12 Teaching in Mathematics and Science


Session D: July 6 - August 13

AMERSTD 101: Examining U.S. Cultures in Time,  The Art of Advertising: Consumption and Culture in Postwar America

ARCH 124A: 3-D Computer Technology

ART 8: Introduction to Visual Thinking

ART 25: Graphic Novel: Foundations

BUDDSTD 190: Topics in the Study of Buddhism, Buddhism: Art of Living or Religion?

CLASSIC 10B: Introduction to Roman Civilization

COMLIT 50: Creative Writing in Comparative Literature

DESINV 190: Special Topics in Design Innovation, Design, Cybersecurity & Mobility

DIGHUM 150A: Digital Humanities and Archival Design

DIGHUM 150C: Digital Humanities and Text and Language Analysis

EALANG: Neurodiversity in Literature

ENGLISH 125D: The 20th-Century Novel

ENGLISH 180C: Comedy, Stand-up and Sit-Com

FILM 125: Documentary Forms, True Crime?

FILM 140AC: Be/longings: Cinema and the Immigrant Experience in America

HISTART 80: Introduction to Modern Art

ISF: Introduction to Technology, Society, and Culture

LS W1: Exploring the Liberal Arts

LS C12: The Berkeley Changemaker

MUSIC 20A: Basic Musicianship

MUSIC 139: Topics in Musics of the World, Music in Displacement

MUSIC N148: African Music Ensemble

NESTUD 158AC: Middle East: Post-Colonialism, Migration, and Diaspora

PHILOS 25B: Modern Philosophy

RHETOR 116: Rhetoric, Culture and Society, Introduction to Critique and Criticism

SASIAN 140: Hindu Mythology

SEASIAN 10A: Introduction to the Civilization of Southeast Asia

THEATER 14: Performance Workshop


Session E: July 26 - August 13

COLWRIT 134: The Craft of Poetry

MUSIC 20A: Basic Musicianship

MUSIC 25: Introduction to Music Theory

SEASIAN 170: Narratives of Vietnam and Vietnamese Diaspora


Session F: July 6 - July 23

COLWRIT N131: Creative Nonfiction: Cultural Critique

COLWRIT N133: The Craft of Dramatic Writing

COLWRIT 134: The Craft of Poetry, Sound, Space, the Line: Your Creative Path