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Students in Jill Miller's Spring 2020 course, Food Fight (Art 160)

Creative Discovery Grants 2019-2020

For another year in a row, Berkeley Arts + Design awarded Creative Discovery Grants to Berkeley faculty seeking to develop new undergraduate courses or to enhance existing ones through creative, engaged, participatory learning techniques. The grants are aligned with the core mission of Berkeley’s campus-wide Discovery Initiative to engage and support undergraduate students in immersive, experiential learning projects.

In total, 28 grants of up to $5,000 each were awarded on a competitive basis in 2019-20 for classes ranging from “Design and Activism” to “Creative Programming and Electronics,” from “Food Fight: Art and Food Security” to “Poetry for the People: Introduction to the Art of Poetry,” from “Sound Design and Media Theater” to “Virtual Reality Development.” Creative Discovery Grants allow faculty to experiment broadly with innovative learning environments that foreground reflective making and producing. See this article for more information on our Spring 2020 recipients. 

Below is a full list of our grantees for the 2019-2020 academic year:


Fall 2019 Creative Discovery Grant Recipients

AFRICAM 159 / SP 135: Third World Looks: Photography and Collaboration
Leigh Raiford, Natalia Brizuela
Department: African American Studies, Spanish and Portuguese

AFRICAM 164: Spoken Word
Aya de Leon
Department: African American Studies

ART 23AC: Digital Media: Foundations
Greg Niemeyer
Department: Art Practice

ART 199 - 001: Art Library Internship: "Missing Voices" Project
Farley Gwazda
Department: Art Practice

ART 199 - 002: Internship Program
Jill Miller
Department: Art Practice

BIO 1B: General Biology
Tim Herrlinger
Department: Integrative Biology

CLASSIC 121: Ancient Religion
Duncan MacRae
Department: Classics

CS 198: Virtual Reality Development
Austin Davis, Benjamin Wu
Department: Computer Science

CS 370: Adaptive Instruction Methods in Computer Science
Christopher Hunn, Andrew Phuong
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

DESINV 190-6/290-6: Designing Emerging Technologies
Adam Hutz, Vivek Rao
Department: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

EECS 98: Inclusive Pathways into Tech & Entrepreneurship
Nicole Cotton
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Women in Tech Initiative

ENVDES 4A: Design and Activism
Greg Castillo
Department: Architecture

MEng 198: EnableTech: Assistive Technology Design
Hannah Stuart
Department: Mechanical Engineering

MUSIC 158A: Sound and Music Computing with CNMAT Technologies
Edmund Campion
Department: Music, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies

SPANISH 102C: Volunteering, Global Education and Good Writing
Amelia Barili
Department: Spanish and Portuguese

TDPS 25AC: Performance in America (The Drama of American Cultures)
Angela Marino
Department: Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

TDPS 177: Sound Design and Media Theater
Abigail De Kosnik
Department: Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies


Spring 2020 Creative Discovery Grant Recipients

AFRICAM 156AC: Poetry for the People: Introduction To The Art Of Poetry
Aya de Leon
Department: African American Studies

ART 118: Advanced Drawing: Remixing the Figure
Indira Martina Moore
Department: Art Practice

ART 160: Lights That See Us
Carrie Hott
Department: Art Practice

ART 160: Food Fight: Art and Food Security
Jill Miller
Department: Art Practice

COMLIT 60AC: Re-Making American History
Karina Palau
Department: Comparative Literature

DESINV 23: Creative Programming and Electronics
Kuan-Ju Wu
Department: Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

DESINV 190: Technology Design Foundations
Adam Hutz
Department: Engineering

DESINV 190E, MECENG 179, MECENG 270: Augmenting Human Dexterity
Hannah Stuart
Department: Mechanical Engineering

HISTART 192: Psychologies of Art: Medieval & Early Modern Europe
Henrike Lange
Department: History of Art

MUSIC 128 (Topics in European and American Music) Now’s the Time: How, When and Why We Improvise
Myra Melford
Department: Music

RHETOR 145: Science, Narrative and Image: Hacker/Delany: A Speculative Seminar
Winnie Wong
Department: Rhetoric

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Students in Jill Miller's Spring 2020 course, Food Fight: Art and Food Security (Art 160).