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Berkeley Arts + Design is Hiring for Two Positions

Student Engagement and Education Manager (Job ID: 24156)

Involves analytical studies on implementation of a variety of policies, projects, programs and issues in support of curricular and co-curricular experiences across arts and design, AND in research of new or changing systems of educational and student life programs. Assists in policy and program planning, development and administration; interprets, monitors and analyzes information regarding policies and procedures and provides consultative services regarding general management and execution of programs concerning Arts and Design to department administrators.


• Provides analyses for complex budget, financial, AND data systems, and resources FOR projects working directly with all levels of managers. 
• Provides in-depth, complex analyses and recommendations on curricular and co-curricular experiences across arts and design. Uses background and experience to collaborate and assist on the development of short and long-term curricular and co-curricular goals and projects.  
• Monitors and analyzes changes in campus landscape and internal/external opportunities that pertain to the educational and student life goals of Arts and Design.  Devises and recommends solutions to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Sees and leverages synergies across the campus and within the A+D team. 
• Researches AND SUMMARIZES innovation in creative education at peer institutions and leading foundations to inform strategies at UC-Berkeley.  Develops and coordinates communications on curricular and co-curricular innovations concerning arts and design. 
• Proposes, leads and/or participates key multi-unit projects that feature and provide access to the curricular and co-curricular life of the creative campus.   
• Helps to frame the curricular and co-curricular goals of multiple campus creative organizations. Leads and directs a wide variety of projects and follows through with Arts and Design representation on various campus committees and events. Plays a key role in facilitating educational innovation through the emerging Discovery program, supporting the creation of creative gateways, pathways and capstones . Works to amplif  student projects and showcases. Facilitates student access and participation in arts and design by gathering opportunities, and communicating amongst allied departments, presenting organizations, and various student organizations. 
• May periodically be required to lead a team of students or work study interns. 
• Conducts post-implementation analysis to determine the need for further enhancements, finer distinctions and/or additional process/policy components. 
• Develops proposals and data analysis to guide and support a broader strategic direction for the organization. Establishes and maintains contacts internally and with external constituents for the collection and exchange of data.
• Develops centralized and routine systems and processes for curricular and co-curricular activities across campus with the goal of streamlining accessibility and student engagement and measuring impact. Utilizes technology and tools and leverages campus systems to build a repository of information on programs, enabling stakeholder engagement, information sharing, content creation, and efficient and PRODUCTIVE collaboration across units.
• Collaborates with other departments to coordinate the development, implementation and monitoring of new educational programs and processes, integrating A+D within campus planning for the Undergraduate Initiative and Discovery program. Makes high level contacts of a sensitive nature, internally and externally, with staff and academic advisors across departments and units requiring discretion, diplomacy, and strong communication skills to facilitate project adoptions and innovations. Represents Arts and Design goals and principles to internal and external constituencies and stakeholders. Serves as an advocate of these goals and principles.
• Researches and analyzes processes, procedures, policies and organizational structures in order to develop and/or implement changes and to provide consultative services AND INSTRUCTIONS regarding general management to department administrators.

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Director of Programs and Operations (Job ID: 24241)

Serves as the lead strategist and implementer for the Arts and Design initiative. Involves activities associated with reaching, serving, and engaging external constituencies through programs, events, products, and services. Constituencies include students, faculty, campus leadership, alumni, local community artists, foundations, corporations, philanthropic organizations, as well as the general public. Translates constituent needs and priorities into customized programs to create, enhance, and sustain relationships amongst campus units and between the campus and its external constituencies.


Designs, develops, implements, and evaluates short and long-range programs and goals for Arts + Design in collaboration with external entities and multiple campus organizations. Effectively gathers information on campus arts and design units and faculty. Identifies potential areas of strategic collaboration and resource sharing to produce multi-unit programs and partnerships jointly with many campus units and local arts and design communities. Researches, develops, writes, and presents complex proposals, recommendations and applications to guide, support and achieve goals of the organization. Utilizes analytical tools and thinking on a broad range of topics to identify issues, costs, benefits, and methods of assessing impact. Reframes proposals for foundations, corporations, philanthropic investors, campus stakeholders and campus leaders.

Identifies communication needs and develops informational materials and/or programs/events to inform appropriate publics of programs, services, activities, and campus policy. Guides external and internal processes of stakeholder engagement and collaborative execution to produce effective and successful projects on campus and in conjunction with the Bay Area arts community. Plans and executes regular public programming in collaboration with local arts organizations and multiple campus organizations, along with targeted think-tanks, salons and receptions tailored for multiple audiences and to serve the goals of the Arts + Design initiative and campus leadership.  

Plans, executes, and evaluates the overall effectiveness of best practices to design and implement projects of strategic benefit to multiple Arts and Design units.  Keeps the Associate Vice Chancellor informed of internal and external issues and opportunities that pertain to Arts and Design, devising, and recommending solutions to address challenges and strategically capitalize on opportunities. 

Manages Art and Design staff, including those that support communication, educational innovation, student engagement, and office administration. May mentor less experienced staff members.

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