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Ian Leighton

Design Field Notes: Ian Leighton

Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Jacobs Hall
Ian Leighton is a digital product designer from the Bay Area, now based in Lisbon. He graduated from UC Berkeley in Mechanical Engineering (2011), where he was head of Berkeley Innovation and helped launch and teach the {design.} DeCal with Lora Oehlberg. He designed his first app, iBART, in 2008 and founded a startup, Embark (Y Combinator summer '11) which created a dozen public transit apps for iPhone, and was acquired by Apple in 2013. At Apple, Ian worked on a large part of the design for Apple Maps Transit. Since leaving Apple and San Francisco, he’s been traveling, learning, freelancing, and working on various projects. His talk will explore "Design in Transit." About Design Field Notes: Each informal talk in this pop-up series brings a design practitioner to a Jacobs Hall teaching studio to share ideas, projects, and practices.