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Grants of up to $5,000 were awarded on a competitive basis to faculty to develop new undergraduate courses or enhance existing ones with innovative creative pedagogy and both online and offline opportunities for reflective making in the visual art, design, film, media, the performing arts, and more. Aligned with the core values of Berkeley Discovery, Creative Discovery experiences will ideally require students to face challenges of conceptualization, design, planning, and implementation; build new, and hone existing, creative skills; and participate in structured reflection throughout the act of creation.
Art installation at Albany Bulb

ART 160 /CY PLAN 190: Ghosts and Visions: Using augmented reality and physical installations to tell history and envision futures

Susan Moffat

Spring 2021

African American Studies & African Diaspora Studies logo

AFRICAM 164: Spoken Word: Oral Tradition & Transformation from Poetry to Hip Hop, Standup & Beyond

Aya De León

Fall 2020

Outside view of the building formally known as Barrows Hall.

CHS 159; CHS 180: Mexican Migration; Chicana/o Ethnography

Pablo Gonzalez

Fall 2020

Hargrove Music Library

MUSIC 108 / 208A: Music Perception & Cognition

Jeremy Wagner

Fall 2020


MUSIC 155: Music Composition

Ken Ueno

Fall 2020

origami kinetic sculpture

DESINV 22: Prototyping and Fabrication

Christopher Myers

Fall 2020

SLAVIC 49AC: Children's Literature in the Context of American Cultures

Anne Nesbet

Fall 2020

Greek Archaeology Exhibits Conclusion on Omeka

CLASSIC 17A: Introduction to Greek Archaeology

Kim Shelton

Fall 2020

HISTART 192.T: Medieval / Modern: Giotto to Michelangelo & Beyond

Henrike Lange

Fall 2020

Arts Research Center lecture screenshot

HISTART 190T: Visual Activism

Julia Bryan-Wilson

Fall 2020