The UC Berkeley Arts + Design 'Made at Berkeley' book gathers outstanding creative work by UC Berkeley undergraduate students with stunning texts and images on nearly every page. From the visual arts to film to the performing arts, from the literary arts to architectural and industrial design, the UC Berkeley Arts + Design book showcases the achievements of top students in their respective fields. These works demonstrate the discipline of particular art forms—painting, theater, poetry—as well as the vibrant ‘mash-up’ of cross-disciplinary experiment. Described in the voices of the students who made them, the collection exemplifies and advances the innovation and creativity of UC Berkeley. This annual publication began in 2016, with the 'Inaugural Showcase: Issue 01'. 'Made at Berkeley', Issue 02 will be available to the public in 2018.

Issue 01

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Issue 01 features themes focusing on Recalling, Confronting, Reimagining, Reassembling, Transforming, and Sheltering. Featuring work by: Eunice Ahn, Andrea Almario, Nicholas Alvarado, Jessica Andrich, Tara Baghdassarian, Heather Brown, Victoria Cabello, Carlo Casalme, Eduardo Chaidez, Wenqin Chen, Ethan Chiou, Jocelyn Chiou, Brian Choi, Chrissy Curl, Christine Dierk, Bianca Doerschlag, Sara Emsaki, Andrew Frankel, Maggie George, Cristina Ghirardo, Russell Gray, Michelle Handoyo, David, Alejandro Hernandez, Taj Hittenberger, Kyle Hotchkiss, Jodie Howard, Jiachen Hu, Shana Hu, Akshay Jagadeesh, Lina Jemili, Russell Jiang, Liza Karimova, Harneet Kaur, Laine Dermer Kendall, Behnaz Khalegi, Zackary Alexander Kiebach, Kevin Kim, Lana Lam, Mark Lam, Claire Lee, Yanrong Li, Joy Lin, Jasper Louie, Suraiya Luecke, Ivette Martinez, Summer Mason, Evan McCurdy, Christine Nguyen, Michelle Nguyen, Charlotte Nugent, Dennis Orason, Trisha Peck, Mallory Penney, Sam Peurach, Reaa Puri, Andrew Rahman, Akhila Raju, Zeferino Rincon, Chocquida R. Robins, Jessie Salas, Ramón de Santiago, Eldon Schoop, Julia Schroeder, Sara Sharp, Jessica Slaght
Julia Solano, Alexandra Nicole Solis-Sison, Donovan Souza, Brian Villa, Siqi Wang, Nicole White, Aaron Yuan, Walter Zarnowitz, Parmida Ziaei. 

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Issue 02

Available for purchase in May 2018