Salwa Meghjee moved from Orlando, Florida, to Berkeley in the fall of 2016 and was immediately met with the challenge of trying to find a community where she could belong. Meghjee came to UC Berkeley not knowing anyone, uncertain of her major.

Springing from one side of the stage to the other, a dancer-acrobat flung himself onto the ground and jumped back up in a move that was at once acrobatic and beautiful, but also unsettling in its convulsive abruptness.

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American Cultures Student Prize

Coming Attractions: Berkeley events light up spring

The new year always brings possibilities for inspiration and fresh starts. This spring, UC Berkeley offers myriad ways to light up the new year with diverse selections in art, dance and music and enlighten the mind with lectures and readings. Here are a few highlights.

Placemaking. It’s become something of a buzzword, with more than a little ambiguity about what it means.

Wrapping up Fall 2017

The launch of UC Berkeley’s new academic year was a study in contrasts.  We welcomed thousands of brilliant and energetic students to our campus — and staged a human choreographic feat that broke a Guinness Worl

Fall 2017: Curation Across Disciplines 
Wednesdays at 12pm, Free and open to the public

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