At the Intersection of Art and Science: CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light

Art and science come together seamlessly in the virtual photograph and digital PHSCologram sculpture, CRISPR-Cas9: A Ray of Light, 2017, displayed in the Innovative Genomics Institute lobby.

Jacob Gaboury on Experiment and Exploration

In this week’s lecture, Jacob Gaboury, assistant professor of new media history and theory at UC Berkeley presented the connections between experimentations in Computer Sciences and Art.

Connectivity as Human Right with Nicholas Negroponte

“Is this a required lecture for a class?” Asked the person seating next to me in a packed auditorium. Seeing Nicholas Negroponte’s talk was definitely an event not to be missed.

American Cultures Student Prize

Proposals for Arts + Design Creative Gateway Courses at BAMPFA, 2018/2019!


2018 Ed Roberts Award for Accessible Design Leader Raymond Lifchez

The Center for Independent Living will recognize UC Berkeley architecture and city planning professor Raymond Lifchez tomorrow (Jan.

New center aims to nourish your empathy — with art

Can art penetrate the walls that divide us, and make us kinder? A Minneapolis museum, inspired by UC Berkeley psychology research, plans to find out.

Fall 2017: Curation Across Disciplines 
Wednesdays at 12pm, Free and open to the public

UC Berkeley’s Arts and Design Initiative
Work-Study Position Available

Placemaking. It’s become something of a buzzword, with more than a little ambiguity about what it means.